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Commerce engine to boost your sales 
All of your inventory, orders and customer service managed in one place
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Giving you and your customer insight in Product availability, Order handling status and Shipment status. No worries anymore about THE PROMISE TO DELIVER.
Everything you need to grow your retail business
Inventory Management
View and control inventory across your sales channels through stock updates from your warehouses and (dropship) suppliers.
Order Management
Consolidate orders from all of your retail channels into into one single interface. Ship from your warehouses, retail stores, fulfilment centers or dropship suppliers.
Customer contact
Send transactional mail on each step of the order and shipment process. Handle customer questions via email, phone and chat.
Omnichannel Retail
Get an 360-view of your customer across all of your sales and communication channels. 
Save time, make less mistakes, connect easily and have total insight with your backend software engine, ShopCtrl
Taking the next steps in your business has never been this easy.
Manual work processing your orders ~ Automated order management
A lot of manual work processing your orders
Order management is completely manual process. You determine per order line from which location it has to be shipped or that you need to split the order. All depending on availability and location.
Automated order management
ShopCtrl eliminates the need to manage orders manually by setting business rules and triggers. The platform includes built-in business rules and a broad set of triggers to configurate your processes.
Managing multi-channel inventory ~ Inventory automation across your channels
Managing multi-channel inventory
Your sales occur via multiple online storefronts and marketplaces, as well as at your physical retail stores. Inventory quantities change rapidly an the inventory management solutions used in each channel are not lined with all the sales channels.
Inventory automation across your channels

ShopCtrl monitors your inventory levels by keeping track of the sales through all the channels and the stock levels within your total fulfilment network. Synchronisation is done through out all of the channels. 

Complex fulfilment scenarios ~ Sync inventory with any fulfilment location
Complex fulfilment scenarios

Sourcing and keeping inventory from multiple locations creates numerous lists and excel sheets. Each location contains different SKU's, inventory levels and product naming. 

Sync inventory with any fulfilment location

ShopCtrl integrates with any vendor - a dropshiper, fulfilment center, brick-and-mortar store or your own warehouse - through a variety of communication methods such as email, FTP, XML, etc.

You don't own your stock ~ Powerful and real-time warehouse visibility
You don't own your stock

You are at the mercy vendors for reliable and accurate inventory updates. Backorders, out-of-live products, out-of-stock, etc, are standard operating procedures
Powerful and real-time warehouse visibility

Inventory levels nas shipment tracking numbers from multiple dropship partners are automatically updated to all of your sales channels. You can sell wirh total confidence.

Expansion is painful and costly ~ Fast and flexible integration with your own Commerce backend platform
Expansion is painful and costly

You want to add a new market place, storefront, retail store or want to sell in another country. Integrating this with your fulfilment and logistical network will require lots of resources in time and money.
Fast and flexible Commerce backend platform

ShopCtrl is a flexible platform that can rapidly connect your new sales channels with your WMS/ERP or dropship/fulfilment partners.
Decentralized customer service ~One central hub for your customer service
Decentralized customer service channels

Every day you try to handle all your customer questions via seperate communication channels. All the information about the orders, shipments and stock levels are scattered all over different systems and sheets. You make mistakes and it takes much time for your growing team.
One central hub for your customer service

ShopCtrl provides multiple customer contact channels, like email, phone and chat. or you can integrated it with your social media platforms. Giving you 360-view or your customer across your sales channels combining it with crucial order, inventory and shipment information.
Growing your business might destroy your margins ~ One platform to manage your operations
Growing your business might destroy your margins

The complexity of working with multiple sales channels, warehouses, dropshippers, suppliers increases the changes of making mistakes. Adding even more complexity is only increasing this chance of unprofitable orders, backorders and increase of overhead costs to manage your operations.
One platform to manage your operations

Streamline your order processes with a complete automation platform which stands between your sales channels and your logistical and fulfilment network. Adding or removing parts in this chain can be done easily giving the possibility to address the pains of today and scale for the challenges of the future.

We help design your future business

Your unique BUSINESS
Every business is unique. That makes you stand out of the crowd. When integrating a new system you do not want to be stuck with a SaaS tool or custom made application. Especially if you want to make a difference, now and in the future. Fot that reason we built ShopCtrl.
advanced automation
Let software do the work and you should only me monitoring what goes wrong. And act on it right away.
ShopCtrl makes you able to automate your processes and giving you insight over all sales channels, warehouses, customers and suppliers.
Multi sales channel
Having multiple sales channels is a common and also a necessary situation. That means that you will have orders and customers coming from different systems and stock levels and tracking numbers that have to be synced back to all these channels. ShopCtrl manages this for you.
cross border
Countries have their own VAT, currency, legislation, export documentation and language. Also considarations about logistics (warehousing, transport) have to be made. Let ShopCtrl handle this for you for each country you want to sell to.
omnichannel retail
Your customer or soon to be customer reaches out to you through different channels. But you also want to use your different logistical channels to handle your orders. Let ShopCtrl facilitate your multi channel customer service and order handling for you.
easy to connect
ShopCtrl has many standard integrations with shopping platforms, carriers, accounting software, WMS/ERP and suppliers. Making it easy to centralize the data and syncing back relevant information. Our wide range and scalable API gives you all the freedom to integrate on your own.
“ShopCtrl has become our backend engine for global e-commerce. We needed true e-commerce OMS solution for fulfilment of orders around the world”

– Albert van den Broek, CEO and co-founder Fanfiber
"Up to now we grow at least 30% every year. Partly due to the use of ShopCtrl we can achieve this. We have saved two fulltime employees for the order handling by reducing our order handling time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes"
– Pieter Joziasse, CEO and co-founder Medisol
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