Enabling future proof backoffice connectivity using ShopCtrl's seamless ERP integrations

Key Features of ShopCtrl - SAP ERP integration

Built for growth & scalability
The ShopCtrl SAP ERP integration is built to fit your growing business and E-commerce requirements.
Maximize your SAP investments
E-Commerce and SAP ERP perfectly integrated into one solution. This enables automated processes and a strong E-Commerce performance.
Real-Time Integration
Full seamless integration of SAP ERP with the ShopCtrl platform.
Single Source of Information
Enable decisions across your organization to be made based on accurate, real-time data by integrating your SAP ERP with ShopCtrl.
Automated Data Transfer
Data replication, consolidation and intercompany transactions can all be automated according to your business rules, streamlining the flow of information between systems.

Direct integrations with your SAP ERP using ShopCtrl


Integrate SAP ERP with Magento
Connect SAP ERP to Magento

Integrate SAP ERP with Shopify
Connect SAP ERP to Shopify

Integrate SAP ERP with WooCommerce
Connect SAP ERP to WooCommerce

Integrate SAP ERP with Shopware
Connect SAP ERP to Shopware

Integrate SAP ERP with LightSpeed
Connect SAP ERP to LightSpeed

Integrate SAP ERP with PrestaShop
Connect SAP ERP to PrestaShop


Integrate SAP ERP with SAP Business One
Connect SAP ERP to SAP Business One

Integrate SAP ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Connect SAP ERP to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integrate SAP ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Connect SAP ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Integrate SAP ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Connect SAP ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365


Integrate SAP ERP with UPS
Connect SAP ERP to UPS

Integrate SAP ERP with USPS
Connect SAP ERP to USPS

Integrate SAP ERP with DHL
Connect SAP ERP to DHL

Integrate SAP ERP with DPD
Connect SAP ERP to DPD

Integrate SAP ERP with Hermes
Connect SAP ERP to Hermes

Integrate SAP ERP with GLS
Connect SAP ERP to GLS

Integrate SAP ERP with PostNL
Connect SAP ERP to PostNL

Integrate SAP ERP with Palletways
Connect SAP ERP to Palletways


Integrate SAP ERP with Amazon
Connect SAP ERP to Amazon

Integrate SAP ERP with Ebay
Connect SAP ERP to Ebay

Integrate SAP ERP with
Connect SAP ERP to


Integrate SAP ERP with Facebook Messenger
Connect SAP ERP to Facebook Messenger

Integrate SAP ERP with Twitter Messenger
Connect SAP ERP to Twitter Messenger

Integrate SAP ERP with WhatsApp
Connect SAP ERP to WhatsApp

Integrate SAP ERP with Twilio
Connect SAP ERP to Twilio

Integrate SAP ERP with Asterisk Voip
Connect SAP ERP to Asterisk Voip


Integrate SAP ERP with Exact
Connect SAP ERP to Exact

Integrate SAP ERP with AFAS
Connect SAP ERP to AFAS

Integrate SAP ERP with Twinfield
Connect SAP ERP to Twinfield

Payment Service Providers

Integrate SAP ERP with Adyen
Connect SAP ERP to Adyen

Integrate SAP ERP with Stripe
Connect SAP ERP to Stripe

Integrate SAP ERP with Ogone
Connect SAP ERP to Ogone

Integrate SAP ERP with Paypal
Connect SAP ERP to Paypal

Integrate SAP ERP with Klarna
Connect SAP ERP to Klarna


Integrate SAP ERP with Amazon Fulfillment
Connect SAP ERP to Amazon Fulfillment

Integrate SAP ERP with Ingram Micro
Connect SAP ERP to Ingram Micro

Integrate SAP ERP with B2C Europe
Connect SAP ERP to B2C Europe

Integrate SAP ERP with Katoen Natie
Connect SAP ERP to Katoen Natie

An omnichannel retail platform for your entire team

ShopCtrl provides a single, fully-integrated system with one user interface, and one location from which you can manage messages to and from all of your outlets.
ShopCtrl syncs every order from each of your sales channels into one, easy-to-manage platform. View, edit, print and take complete control of your order management process without overselling or ever missing an order again.
Real-time financial insights across your entire business including all your inventory, sales and purchasing.
ShopCtrl's Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables retailers of all sizes to run a highly efficient E-commerce operation. Organise, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed – all within a single platform.
ShopCtrl helps you deliver every order on time by putting the world’s leading shipping providers at your fingertips. Manage your entire shipping process for every sales channel directly inside the platform and get orders out the door quicker than ever before.
ShopCtrl's Product Management Software makes it simple to manage any number of products across multiple sales channels. List to marketplaces, control prices and manage a wide range of details.
Reporting in ShopCtrl provides a window into your entire retail business in a single screen. Analyse every sales channel, forecast more accurately than ever and make more informed decisions through high-level insights.
Reduce manual steps in your back office and improve your business management efficiency with powerful back office and process automation.



Discover the efficiency benefits of an automated, integrated back-office.
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